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The Dog Fence, Stresleckie Track

The Dog Fence, Stresleckie Track
Beautiful South Australia

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kay or Kaye

The following is what I know of the Kay/e family tree thus far. I don't know why this photo is on it's side, and I apologise for that. The photo is of Walter Kay on his wedding day, in 1926.

My parents are Kenneth William Kay born 6th June, 1931 and Judith Ann Perkins, born 14th May, 1941.
My Dad's parents were Walter Kay, born 07th January, 1890 and Lillian Wilkinson, born 28th March, 1890. Walter was born the youngest child of Thomas Webster Kay and Margaret Caldwell. Walter was reared on his family farm at Arcadia West near Shepparton, Victoria.

The Kay and Wilkinson farms were only 6 - 7 miles (9.7 - 11.3 kms) a part, Walter attending the Arcadia school. At the outbreak of WWI, 1914 - 1918, Walter enlisted in the A.I.F and rose to the rank of Sergeant. Walter mainly served in France, at the Battle of the Somme and was awarded the Military Medal in 1917 for bravery on the field.

Walter married Lillian on the 17th March, 1926 at her Miepoll home and had a family of three sons - Austin Walter, born 25th April, 1927; Lyle David, born 26th February, 1929; and Kenneth William. Picture of Dad, again on it's side.....

They lived on a farm at Kialla East, where Walter's Grandson Alan Kay and his wife Margaret reside. Their two children have grown, and their son Andrew helps Alan on the farm now.
Grandpa Kay was a successful farmer and a quiet achiever. He had a great sense of humour and enjoyed many visitors to their home. He belonged to many community organisations and during World War II, monthly card parties were held in their barn to raise money towards the war effort. He was a fearless man and once, when cornered by a snake, killed it by jumping on it.

Walter suffered a stroke at the age of 66 and lived on for a further 11 years and 4 months having never regained his speech. It was very frustrating for him and very sad for his family. Walter was hospitalised at times and cared for at home when well enough. Walter passed away at the Mooroopna Hospital on the 29th November, 1966 never having seen his twin grandson and granddaughter who were born the month previously.

Kenneth or Ken as he was known, married Judith or Judy as she is known, Shepparton Baptist Church, 14th September, 1963. Ken and Judy lived on a property bought by Ken after he left his family property and family partnership, called Boorawang in Tameleugh North, near Kialla East. I have vivid memories of living at Boorawang even though I was only 5 when we all shifted to Warrean, a property in Goolhi near Gunnedah. All 5 of Ken and Judy's children were born in Shepparton, whilst they lived at Boorawang. The property in Vic was primarily for sheep (Corri dale Cross) but soon Dad became sick of working with sheep, and decided to go into cropping, thus the move to Goolhi, basalt rich soiled country. Upon going back to Goolhi for a reunion in 2001, I was told by some men who knew Dad, it took a Victorian to show us how to work this country. Seems Dad could read the soil and knew how much time he had after a rain to get the grain into the ground. He always had record crops. Dad would work day and night until he was satisfied that his job of planting the crops was done. Even though we did not see much of Dad during the planting and reaping seasons, I do not remember feeling or thinking any negative thoughts about Dad never being there, I guess we knew where he was, and if we were lucky, we got to ride with him in the tractor. That was always exciting for me and the other kids. Ken passed away on the 27th July, 1974 as is buried in Gunnedah.

Ken and Judy had 5 beautiful children, (well what else am I going to say??) Karina born 7th June, 1964; Gavin John born 10th August, 1965 and died in a car crash near Minlaton SA 11th October, 1986; Donna Ann, born 16th October, 1966; David Kenneth, born 16th October, 1966; and Jenny Maree, born 22nd November, 1969.

First photo of 5 kids, taken early December, 1969.

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