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The Dog Fence, Stresleckie Track

The Dog Fence, Stresleckie Track
Beautiful South Australia

Thursday, April 20, 2017


2017 has been fantastic year so far! I have my own class at Willsden Primary School, year 2, which I am thoroughly enjoying. It is a challenge with such diverse learning capabilities. The children themselves want to learn, some are just slower at learning than others, and it is up to me (at this stage anyway), to close that gap! I am starting to get into Geochaching now that my ankle has healed, so look out for pics on my travels around the state.

Monday, May 9, 2016


2016 started off with a car accident on the highway between Port Augusta and Adelaide on the 22nd January.  I was on my way to see my mum in the Royal Adelaide Hospital only to be admitted myself.  I sustained a crushed Tylus bone in my Right foot.  On the 9th of May I was told I could begin to put pressure on my foot.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

2015: With a new year comes a new job....


I am now in a new job, teaching Science NIT at a primary school in Port Augusta in a category 1 school. Although the job itself is at times quite stressful, I am enjoying the relationships I am beginning to build with the students. How they are gradually starting to change their current view that Science is a time to muck around and not a time for learning, that it is not always boring (well hopefully not anyway).

So, I am no longer an Itinerant Teacher, and though I miss travelling around the countryside, I am loving the more permanent feeling of staying in one spot and the kids come to me.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

April to November, 2013

On Peak Hill on McDoual Peak Station

View from Peak Hill

On the Murray River

On the bank of the Murray River.

In a dry creek on Sth Gap station.

A lagoon at Red Banks on Sth Gap.

Red Banks on South Gap.

Another view at Red Banks.

A grave on Yudnapinna Station.

Tawny Frog Mouths on Billa Kalina.

Finches on Mount Victor.

The long and winding road to Mt. Victor.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April 2013, Stuart Footprint

This year I have great delight traveling up the Stuart Highway, visiting families between Port Augusta and Coober Pedy in South Australia.  Although the scenery stays fairly constant, it has a raw beauty.
At Mt Eba Station.
This is an old bomb shelter properties near Woomera had to build years ago.  The army used to test their rockets and would notify each property and everyone then had to sit in their shelters and wait out the tests.  This one is at McDouall Peak Station, South of Coober Pedy.
The Dog Fence, Billa Kalina Station near Woomera.
At McDouall Peak Station, just South of Coober Pedy.  Enjoying a walk with the family.
Myself with one of the ponies at Billa Kalina Stn.
A Wedged-Tailed Eagle on Billa Kalina.
At Red Bank on Sth Gap Station.